Q&A with Kc McDermott

Read on to see what freshman offensive lineman Kc McDermott is saying a few days before the team's big game against Nebraska.

On Nebraska’s DLine:
They’re a good defensive line. Their D-Line is one of their strongest units. We’ll take advantage of what we can do and try to dominate.

On how he’s improved personally:
I see much improvement in myself. I’m more confident. I was a little jittery in the first game. I played a lot better against Arkansas State and hopefully it carries over into this game. The goal is to get better every week.

On the progress:
We’re playing much better together. It doesn’t matter who comes in or where they come in from. If Taylor or Danny goes down, me and Alex Gall can step right in.

On the O-Line improvements since the opener:
We’ve improved on that tremendously. We started working on that the Tuesday we got back. Nothing distracted us from getting better. Our calls got better. Now we know how to talk to each other in certain situations.

On Brad Kaaya:
Brad has definitely improved. Going out there against Louisville as a true freshman was tough but he handled it well. Like Coach Coley says, he’s very mature and knows how to handle pressure situations and that’s why he’s our starting quarterback. He’s the leader of the offense and I see a lot of improvement.

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