D'Onofrio talks about his defensive scheme

Read on to see what defensive coordinator Mark D'Onofrio is saying about the defensive scheme he's using at Miami and why his unit has been having such a difficult time executing it.

On the defensive performance against Nebraska:
We need to play better. It starts with me and our coaches and on down to the players. We each have to be accountable. I thought there were guys who took their training to the game. I was pleased with that. We have to get more guys to play at that level. It’s about taking their training to the game. We had certain guys do it at Louisville and then this game and now we need to get more doing it.

On playing two safeties deep so much:
Generally, we probably pressured him 60 percent of the time so doing that we only had one safety back deep. There’s no crystal ball. Is it a run down or a pass down? We had someone accounting for the free player most of the time but we just came up short. We have to execute better but as far as philosophy, we had numbers where we needed numbers. We just didn’t have execution.

On the read option from Duke:
People are running, and we’ve seen it for a number of weeks, everyone has some form of read option. They’re another team that does it well.

On whether the players truly understand the scheme:
Our guys understand, if you talk to them, and ask them what you need to do in this scheme. Are they seeing what they need to see? I think they’ll say yes. With that being said, we need to get them execute,. Our players are getting coached hard and with detail. I’m positive they’ll tell you that. We need to execute but on my side of the ball it starts with me. We know what we’re seeing and what we need to do and we’re all together with it.

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