Chad Thomas Injury Update

Former five star recruit and true freshman defensive lineman Chad Thomas didn't travel to Nebraska because of a late week injury. Read on for the absolute latest on that and whether the coaches think he'll play this Saturday against Duke.

Chad Thomas had muscle spasm issues late last week and the team doctors didn't want him to travel so he didn't play against Nebraska. Al Golden was asked about his situation today.

"He did a little more today," Golden said. "I’m hopeful he’ll do even more tomorrow. Right now we’re hopeful he’ll be able to go for Saturday."

Thomas, a former five star recruit from Booker T. Washington High, has a bright future here and was off to a good start. Golden said the team clearly understands what he means.

"We need him. We need depth. He’s at a position where we don’t have a lot of depth. Obviously he was just starting to play really well for us when he got dinged up."

Golden said they're still unsure what caused the muscle spasms in the first place.

"We’re still unsure of what event caused that, the spasm. We might never know. It may just be a gradual result of something. He’s definitely doing better, he’s running better, he had a good attitude today."

Golden is confident that when Thomas returns he'll be back to his normal self.

"He’s very smart, so I don’t think he’s going to get too far behind mentally, but we’ll hopeful that Chad will help us this week."

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