Coley talks on Kaaya's impressive performance

Read on to see what offensive coordinator James Coley is saying about what impressed him most about Brad Kaaya's performance against Duke, the status of Stacy Coley, and much more.

On spreading the ball around:
In our system if you’re a receiver or running back or right end you. l always have the chance to catch the football. We have an answer for whatever they’re doing on defense. When multiple guys are catching footballs, he’s really going through his progressions. I take my hat off to him last week because they threw some wrinkles at him and he made the adjustments during the game.

On the lack of turnovers against Duke:
It’s big because it was an emphasis for us. We didn’t want to give them the ball. It was a credit to him on the sideline. They switched coverages up. To the average eye he might not have thrown the right ball every time but he came to the sideline and understood what he saw.

On how they are supporting Stacy Coley:
Give him confidence. He’s a big part of our team, our family. He does a lot of great things and we have to continue building his confidence and giving him a chance to make plays to help our team.

On how freshmen like Kaaya and Berrios were so prepared:
Part of it is their high school program. Those coaches did a great job. Another part is ownership on those kids. They weren’t like regular college kids. They had no summer break. They sacrificed a lot of time and it’s paying off for them.

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