Coley talks about drop, shoulder, & more

Read on to see what sophomore wide receiver Stacy Coley is saying about his drop against Duke, the status of his shoulder injury, his recent struggles on kickoff returns, and much more.

On his drop vs Duke:
It doesn’t bother me. It does but it won’t impact me. I just have to stay focused. When the ball’s in the air I gotta concentrate. You gotta have the next play mentality. You have to stay focused and catch everything thrown your way.

On the kick return struggles:
It’s just some miscommunication right now. We’re working on those things. It’s nothing serious though and everything will get fixed.

On his shoulder:
It was hurting. I sat out a game so it got better when I sat out. My shoulder is good right now. It was a bruised clavicle. It’s good now.

On the O-Line mixup:
With Gadbois and Kc out, they’re being leaders and talking to the younger guys. They’re teaching guys like Linder and Darling.

On Brad Kaaya’s play:
Brad for a freshman is an excellent quarterback – mentally and physically. He’s a great guy.

On how he’s improving his catching skills:
I come out here, catch a few more balls and I talked to my mom and to God. My mom’s always giving support and God too. Those people are in my corner so I’ll be good.

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