Opposite Ends 2001

Grassy.com is proud to present Opposite Ends 2001. The Canes have several marquee matchups this season and we figure the best way to get the fans fired up is through a little trash talking. The Nittany Lions are the first challenge of the season, so here goes nothing.

Chris Bello -- one of our many writers here at Grassy.com -- will go head to head in a five day "Spy vs. Spy" series against a writer or diehard from an opposing team. This week he faces Brian Hall, a talented sports editor from "The Collegian" -- Penn State's esteemed school newspaper.

Chris and Brian will face off on several topics and storylines surrounding the Miami vs. Penn State series. Each day will explore a new topic -- offenses, defenses, coaching advantages and intangibles will all be touched upon and the week will wrap up with both writers giving their big game predictions.

Make sure to check Grassy.com daily for your Hurricane fix and stay tuned for future "Opposite Ends 2001" features where Bello will face off against writers from Washington, Penn State and Virginia Tech."

Miami's Final Prediction
Miami's Coaching & Intangibles
Miami's Defense
Miami's Offense
Miami Introduction
Penn State's Final Prediction
Penn State's Coaching & Intangibles
Penn State's Defense
Penn State's Offense
Penn State Introduction

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