Golden on future coaches, VT, recruiting, etc

Read on to see what coach Al Golden is saying about tomorrow's opponent, recruiting, the progress of freshman running back Trayone Gray and more.

On the off week:
My number one priority was to get rested up last week after that first half of the season. In terms of positions, we had things we needed to work on. A lot of guys grew up this last week or so, a lot of redshirt freshmen and sophomores so hopefully we’ll see more of those guys.

On Virginia Tech’s offense:
They’ll establish the run. They made some changes to the offensive line and you can tell the guys they put in played well for them. I really like their tight ends and fullback catches and protects really well. He can run it too. I think we’ll see a heavy dose of the running game.

On VT’s defense:
They play with a lot of energy and have guys chasing plays down from the backside. They’re aggressive and have good cover guys on the perimeter. They do a good job tackling. We have to be creative and find ways to run the ball. When we get plays, we have to hit them.

On kickoffs:
Our placements are better. Badgley has settled in. Our kick coverage units have settled in. It’s hard to erase the long one. Vogel has been better the last two weeks kicking off. You’re never satisfied on special teams. Vogel is a very unselfish punter. He’s not punting the ball into the endzone. We have to get better in the return game. We haven’t produced like we need to.

On the cornerback position:
Tracy’s had a good week. Corn’s had a good week. Artie is doing well. Gunter is doing a good job. There’s a lot of competition there every day. We’re playing all nine guys in the secondary right now and they do a lot on special teams.

On the Coastal Division race:
They’re all must win games. When we got back from Atlanta, we had guys who didn’t understand how early it was in the race. It’s far from over. We have to take care of us and not worry about anyone else. They’re all one-game seasons now and Blacksburg is another one.

On recruiting with Brad Kaaya as the future:
They know it’s a great opportunity and Brad is a really talented quarterback. He’s making progress. He’s gone to tough places. A lot of kids see him as a leader and that’s going to help.

On Trayone Gray:
He’s 215 pounds. Gus is ahead of him right now. He’s still learning. He’s contributing on special teams. I’m excited for him. He’s a great kid who will help us.

On Ryan Williams’ progress:
Ryan is doing a good job of mentoring and leading. You don’t know what tomorrow will bring. I never thought we’d lose two tackles. He has to stay ready and when he gets an opportunity be ready to go.

On future coaches on the team:
Ryan Williams is one. I think he could be a future coach. I thought that way about A.J. Highsmith too but he went into front office stuff. Shane McDermott would be a great coach. He loves the game, has a passion for it.

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