Duke updates ankle injury & more

Read on to see what Duke Johnson is saying about his ankle injury, his performance against Virginia Tech, the status of Joe Yearby, and much more.

On today’s practice:
It was a good Monday practice coming out here and getting situated.

On how his body felt after the VT game:
I was fine. I came in and iced, got some rest, and now I’m fine.

On his ankle:
Yeah, I’m fine. I came out today and it felt fine.

On playing for Carter:
We go into every game with Carter on our mind. We go out every game and play for him.

On what changed against VT for him:
I was just doing what I was coached to do. I ran behind the offensive line and did what the coaches wanted me to do.

On plays where he was leaping over defenders:
It was just natural running. I wasn’t thinking about it too much. I watched the film. It looked different watching it.

On the touchdown catch before the half:
It was a play we needed. We’ve struggled on third downs. It helped the offense seal the deal.

On the defensive performance:
I always knew they had it in them. They show us every day what they’re capable of. I knew they were able to do that. Every time they went out there, they made big plays.

On playing UNC this year:
I only played a quarter in this game last year so I’m excited to get back out and play them against this season.

On Joe Yearby:
He’s fine. He came out at practice today with no problem.

On being in the Coastal race:
The only thing we can control is to win all our games, one at a time.

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