Coley talks Flowers, Kaaya, & more

Read on to see what offensive coordinator James Coley is saying about not having left tackle Ereck Flowers available, why he's been so impressed with Brad Kaaya lately, why the team ran it seven times to start last week's game, how they were so successful against Virginia Tech, and more.

On running so well against Va Tech:
They do a great job against the run. We got a good look at them last year and how they attacked us. Our assistant coaches did a great job with the plan of attack. The players executed, which is the other half. All those guys worked really hard at it. When they showed up Monday for practice, they were very dialed in. They practiced well leading up to it.

On not having Ereck Flowers:
We’ll see how it goes. We’ll do it like we’ve done all year – next man up mentality. We’ll see how they practice. We have a rotation going. The next guy has to step up. They are battling right now.

On what he means to this offense:
He’s such a good player. He’s so smart. It means a lot to him. People make a big deal about talent and athleticism but outside of that, he’s a great person and that is something we will miss.

On Trevor Darling being the right tackle:
Darling has had some reps at right tackle. We expect those guys to mature fast and they have.

On Brad Kaaya’s performance last week:
We had a few passes when he had a menu to choose from with man coverage. He had the ability to exit out of the pass plays to the run which is what we did several times early on. When we saw the impact we had running the ball, it became easier. I kept telling him on the sideline, don’t think about the stats but he doesn’t care about that. I told him he’s making great decisions out there. When he did throw the ball, he did a good job throwing it away or throwing the touchdown before the half. It means a lot to him and he is buying into being an all around quarterback.

On running it seven times to start the game last week:
It was the first three and then he checked out of the passes and then we gave him some options. He got us going all night long. He made some really nice passes when we needed him to.

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