Gutierrez Begins to Narrow List

Matt Gutierrez is one of the nation's top quarterback prospects and one Miami has been recruiting for quite some time now. He talks indepthly about his recent visit to Miami and also tells us why the Canes have a great chance.

Gutierrez was one of the first quarterback prospects in the entire country to be offered a scholarship by the University of Miami. He's an outstanding prospect. His arm strength is very good, and he's got prototypical size at 6-4 1/2 and 210 (his measurements currently and also at the NIKE Camp in June).

Two years ago, Gutierrez was named the Sophomore of the Year in the state of California and as a junior, he led De Le Salle to its second straight state championship. His career record as a starter is 26-0.

Your current core GPA: 3.3

Your current test score: 1070

Which schools have sent you scholarship offers in the mail: I really can't name them all there are so many. Miami, Michigan, Notre Dame, Oregon, Cal, Oregon State, Washington, Washington State, Clemson - those are some of them.

Have you started to narrow things down yet: Yes sir. I'm going to go forward with Washington, Oregon, Cal, Michigan, Notre Dame, Tennessee, Florida State, Florida, and Miami.

Talk about your recent visit to the University of Miami: I liked it a lot. Miami is a very well-rounded place. I was really susprised at the small school atmosphere there because everyone says about how Miami's such a big city and I expected the campus to be huge. But I really liked the size of the campus and I think it's unique because you still have the big city life off campus. I talked with most of the coaches when I was there. I like Coach Coker and Werner a lot, I can relate well to their staff.

So where does Miami fit in on your current list: Miami is right up there. The things I'm looking for most in a school, they seem to have.

What are those factors you'll be looking for: I just want to find a real well-rounded place. The success of the football team must be at a high level because I want to play in big time college football. I want a school that will prepare me well to move on to the NFL as well as give me a valuable education. And of course, I want to be able to go to an area where I can have a lot of fun at during my four or five years there.

Have you decided on any official visits yet: No sir. I'm going to do that within the next couple weeks. I'm going to take a few visits during the season, so I need to start picking those. The good thing is I've already seen seven of the nine schools on my list. The only ones I haven't seen yet are Oregon and Tennessee. But I haven't started making decisions on visits yet.

What are the chances that you'll visit Miami officially: There's a great chance because like I said, they offer a lot of things I'm really looking for the most.

Personally, I was very impressed with Gutierrez. He's a great kid and one of the nation's elite prospects. Of the five factors he listed, I think UM fits those as well as any of the other eight schools he's still considering. Therefore, I truly think we will get an official visit and having a quarterback from California who has done exceptionally well here will also be very beneficial. Could you imagine if Gutierrez visits Miami in December when we're getting ready for the Rose Bowl perhaps, and Ken Dorsey is his visit host? Again, I like our chances here, so stay tuned.

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