Coach Coley talks about FSU

Read on to see what offensive coordinator James Coley is saying a few days before his Hurricanes take on his alma mater.

On running the ball so well lately:
It cleans things up in the passing game. It takes some pressure off him.

On the receivers having big games:
I want them to make big plays when their number is dialed in. They have to cash in. We will need some big plays.

On FSU’s defensive line:
They’re big and play with low hats. Their defensive tackles play with low hats. They’re big bodies. That’s the biggest D-Line we’ll face to this point. They’re very strong and they know what they’re doing. You have to play your tendencies and do a good job.

On Brad Kaaya’s arm strength compared to Jameis Winston:
Brad is a true freshman and hasn’t had an offseason yet. Jameis has. He came in as a freshman. He’s a big man. I watch him on TV and his overall girth is impressive. As far as arm strength, I’d say Jameis has the edge but I’d love to see what Brad does with a full offseason. I’d like to see him get stronger and then compare the two.

On the importance of this game to the players:
I think our guys get it. At this point, this is Florida State week. Our guys understand that. I’m sure they do in Tallahassee as well. These kids know each other. When they see each other on the field, they’ll really want to play good against each other.

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