Kaaya on FSU: All teams have great players

Read on to see what true freshman quarterback Brad Kaaya is saying a few days before his first showdown against arch-rival Florida State.

On the added intensity this week:
Everyone knows it’ll be a big game but we have to treat it like another game. Don’t do too much, just do your job. A lot of guys think they have to be the man but the reality is we each have to do our jobs.

On the rivalry to him:
I don’t know guys from FSU because I’m from Los Angeles. It’ll be a great challenge. It’s in our best interest to keep the talk on the outside and play our game.

On whether he understands the history:
Definitely. Growing up, the NCAA game, there’s always the FSU/UM rivalry. The wide right highlight is on there. I saw it all.

On his freshman season:
Just coming in, I didn’t know what to expect. You can’t make excuses even as a freshman.

On FSU having so many great players:
I suppose. It’s all college football. Every team has good players. Every team we’ve played this season has good players. I treat them all the same.

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