Coach D: We needed to make more plays

Read on to see what defensive coordinator Mark D'Onofrio is saying two days after the team's loss to Florida State.

On the defensive performance:
I think we needed to make another play. It was that close of a game. We had to make plays. The first series of the second half started at the 38. The second series is the first time they really drove it. We got them into 3rd and 12 and got the tipped ball. We held them to field goals the next two times. It was the case of a few plays here and there. We had opportunities that could have changed the outcome.

On correcting the little things:
You always have to go back regardless of the outcome, whether we win by 30 or lose like this. You’ll show them missed opportunities and train them to make them. Different individuals had chances and that falls on all of us. We are close. There are no moral victories but its our job to move forward and show them the chances we had.

On the defensive improvement this season:
Overall we played a lot of good teams and that was the best one. Our guys stacked up well. We didn’t tackle real well in this game. That’s an area we have to improve on. We took it away, did well in the redzone. We will build on those things and correct the things we need to do such as missing tackles.

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