Coley: We did NOT go conservative in 2nd half

Offensive coordinator James Coley says that his play-calling did not get conservative in the second half of Saturday night's game against Florida State. He talks about that and more so read on.

On the miscues by Braxton Berrios and Stan Dobard:
It hurts, especially in meetings. It hurts for everyone. As coaches we can hurt for a bit but as we go through the game it’s tough on the players. But, we come out here and ask them to wipe it off and get ready for Virginia. Braxton has made that catch before against Georgia Tech and he will again.

On not connecting on big plays later in the game:
We felt we had some shots down the field in the second half. A couple of those were tips. Those guys made plays. You have to give them credit.

On why the team didn’t execute as well in the 2nd half:
Ultimately it’s my fault. Our players are getting better and I have to do a better job making sure it’s getting done. We have to execute. We had a play action pass and had Joe on the sideline by himself. Brad has to get it over the defender. I’d go through all of them but it would take forever.

On being more conservative in the 2nd half:
No. We wanted to win the game. They got deep into their prevent and we didn’t want to throw into triple coverage. Duke made some really tough runs. On 3rd and 1 we made the post because they thought we’d pound it. In games like that every play counts. It all adds on to the next play.

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