Duke talks about his cramping vs FSU

Read on to see what running back Duke Johnson is saying about the cramping he experienced against Florida State the other night, how the team has moved on from that game, and more.

On moving on from FSU:
After the way we lost it’s difficult but at the same time we have to move on and get ready for Virginia.

On cramping up late in the game:
I was cramping up. It was very. It was very frustrating. The night before you hydrate, drink a lot of Gatorade, and do everything you’re supposed to and you still come up cramping.

On whether he felt like he could have done more:
On some levels, yes. I could have helped out more. A lot of times the running back will be the extra blocker so it wasn’t much in terms of what I could do protecting Brad.

On how limited the cramps made him:
I kept trying to get back out there. I was cramping the entire second half, going back and forth.

On whether this program is far better than when he first came:
I would say yes. I’m looking at the guys we brought in. The younger guys understand how to practice, how to go about preparing. They know the way now.

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