Q&A with Darrion Owens

Read on to see everything freshman linebacker Darrion Owens is saying a few fays after his team's loss to Florida State.

On reactions from recruits:
I haven’t talked to any of them but guys can see that young guys are playing and producing pretty good so recruits will like that.

On what he took from the FSU game:
I took that we can play with anyone. We just have to keep going forward.

On the goals from here on out:
Just win. Play for the seniors, win a bowl game, and finish strong.

On what the seniors have meant:
It means a lot. Thurston always talks to me. He’s always been my support if I mess up. It means a lot so we can play hard for them.

On perhaps not having Deon Bush and Anthony Chickillo:
Next man up. You just gotta keep playing and moving forward.

On how he played in that game:
I could have done a lot better. I’m always working to get better so I have to get better this week.

On his freshman season overall:
I think things have gone well. I got a decent amount of plays. It’s gone pretty good.

On what he’s improved most on:
Football intelligence, knowing what to expect. Instead of just going out there and playing I’ve studied the game a lot more.

On what he needs to still work on:
I need to continue working on everything. Working on being more vocal, making the calls, and making sure my pass drops are good too.

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