Dorsett has become a more complete WR

Senior wide receiver Phillip Dorsett has become a more complete receiver this season for the Hurricanes. Read on to see what he's saying about that, the missed opportunities against FSU, and being able to move on from last week.

Phillip Dorsett has been Miami's most explosive wide receiver this season. He has 23 catches for 662 yards and his seven touchdowns are as many as he had through his first three seasons here.

On the improvements he’s made to his game:
Basically, I’ve been labeled as just a deep guy, a vertical threat but I worked hard last offseason but then I got hurt last year. This year I’ve showed what I can do. This year I’m trying to show everyone I can catch more passes than just the deep ones.

On whether he became quicker as he got older:
Yes, it’s a product of my rehab. Laterally, everything I’ve done, I can just trust it more and it’s helped me become more quicker.

On what he told Braxton after the drop:
Just trust your hands. You have big hands so trust them. Everyone drops balls. I dropped them before too but you have to keep your head up and get the next one.

On whether they’re ready to move on from FSU:
Most definitely. The big thing I see with this team is we don’t worry about things in the past. Everyone wants to win the big game but everyone here does what needs to get done.

On getting ready for Virginia:
We will come out the same each week, no matter who we’re playing. We just have to go out and play our brand of football.

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