Wyche talks about defensive improvements

Michael Wyche is playing a key role in the middle of Miami's defense right now. Read on to see what the defensive tackle is saying about the defensive improvements, mistakes in the FSU game, how he's worked his way into a key role, and much more.

Michael Wyche was a Junior College transfer this past summer and barely played in Miami's first few games. His role has increased a lot lately and now he's part of a three-man rotation at the nose tackle spot for the Canes.

On the progress he’s made:
I’ve been working hard every day to get to where I’m at.

On the D-Line making improvements:
We just have to keep playing together, practicing hard every day and sticking to our technique. We just have to pick up where we leave off. We keep getting better every day.

On how he’s worked his way into a key role:
Patience for one. Just staying focused, ignoring the noise, and keep myself level headed and keep doing what I’m doing.

On his first year here:
I’m just accepting my role. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I’m having a great time. I love this team and we are going to be special next year.

On his Achilles injury from last year and his weight:
That’s fully healed, not an issue. I dropped my weight to 329. I was at 360 and I want to get to 325.

On how much he played against FSU:
For them to put me in for that long of time, I felt I earned their trust. I just have to keep doing. I played about 13 (snaps) or something like that.

On missed opportunities against FSU:
There were opportunities we could have created. On one play I got a facemask. I was driving the guard back and got my hand up. That’s not what you want but we played hard. There were a couple plays that could have changed the game. It’s not just one man.

On why the defense has improved:
Guys who set the standard like Denzel, Thurston, Chickillo and those guys, they set the standard and we are following it and now we’re all on the same page now.

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