Kaaya responds to critics

Read on to see everything freshman quarterback Brad Kaaya is saying a few days after the team's embarrassing loss to Virginia.

On his freshman season:
It went by really fast. It’s hard to believe there’s only two games left. We just have to keep doing it.

On the emotions for this week’s game:
Some of the guys I’ve talked to, it’s the seniors’ last game and no one can take this game for granted.

On the highs and lows on the season:
There have been some ups and downs. There were high points and low points. It was a good season to have. We faced a lot of tests and grew as a team and as a program – especially for a lot of the young guys.

On the lowest points of the season:
There’s not one or two I’d say are worse than the other. All the losses hurt. We had one of the toughest schedules in the country. It was no excuse though. Playing at Nebraska and Virginia Tech, teams like that, it’ll help all us young guys play in those types of games next year.

On being under so much pressure against UVA:
It’s going to be tough at times and you’ll get beat up. I just have to stand in there and make throws. We just have to learn from what happened and keep getting better. Every team is a playoff now. It’s week to week for us.

On fans being so critical:
I don’t take that stuff serious unless it’s coming from our coaches. One week fans will love us and the next week they’ll hate us. That’s how everyone’s fans are. We know what’s going on inside our locker room. From the outside looking in, you can’t always access what’s really going on. All games are unique in their own fashion. People will always point to reasons why you lost.

On the play of the guys around him:
Those guys have helped me out all year. There were a few plays where a linebacker came free and Duke had to cut him. Things like that, those guys have always been there for me.

On his most impressive memory of Duke Johnson:
I’d say probably the Cincinnati game, his first handoff. He splits three guys and takes it 80 yards. That was great.

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