Golden talks special teams changes & more

Read on to see what head coach Al Golden is saying about changes on special teams this week, how the team plans to spend Thanksgiving, his thoughts on putting together his first recruiting class that will experience Senior Day Saturday, and much more.

On the plan for Thanksgiving:
We’re very fortunate. We have a lot of kids from down here. We’ll take in the kids who aren’t from here. Everyone will have a home. We’ll have a normal Thursday. We’ll be back on campus tomorrow night.

On special teams changes:
It’s not going to be for you guys to see kickers or snappers or anything. We got into a jam with protection the last couple weeks. I had to make some changes in terms of personnel. I don’t think it’ll be glaring but we had to make a couple changes.

On that first recruiting class:
That was a crazy time because we started on Monday, processed on a Tuesday, went out on Wednesday and Thursday and had to be back Friday for visits. We only had two commitments at the time. That was daunting itself. Then we couldn’t get back out until January. We appreciate the leadership. They didn’t realize what they were entering into when they signed. We’re grateful for them.

On seniors playing in all-star games:
We will release all of those after the regular season. We worked really hard to make sure everyone gets placed. Maybe we missed one or maybe two last year. We’ll work our tails off again to make sure these guys get showcased.

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