Inside The Official Visit at Miami

Most college football fans are well aware of what an official visit is. Each school is allowed up to 56 each recruiting season and each prospect is allowed to take up to five. What a lot of fans don't truly understand is what takes place on that visit. Read on to learn all about it.

Here is what the NCAA says about an official visit:

"During an official visit the college can pay for transportation to and from the college for the prospect, lodging and three meals per day for both the prospect and the parent or guardian, as well as reasonable entertainment expenses including three tickets to a home sports event."

The Hurricanes are hosting six recruits this weekend for official visits. They'll resume official visits in mid-January and finish them up the weekend before National Signing Day.

What exactly happens on the visits that can not extend past 48 hours?

Visits begin on Friday for most players. Sometimes a prospect won't arrive until Saturday because of prior commitments such as a football game, a basketball game, wrestling match, etc. Since they're coming from all different parts of the country, recruits will arrive at various times on Friday morning/early afternoon.

The first group meeting is for lunch on campus. By that time most or all of the recruits will be on campus. Lunch is followed by a tour of the campus and then a meeting with their respective position coach. Those meetings are often used to discuss the different schemes used, how each recruit will be used, and to have any position-specific questions answered.

The last meeting of Friday afternoon is to meet with the UM Athletic Training staff. That's where recruits and their families will receive education on the entire training staff at the school.

After some rest in the hotel and some free time spent with certain members of the current team (called hosts, who are assigned to each recruit for the entire weekend), recruits will typically have a chance to interact in some way. Tonight, for example, recruits will be invited to attend UM's annual football banquet. Dinner is then served at a top notch restaurant. The recruits and their player hosts will then enjoy the night life of the city.

Following brunch on Saturday morning, recruits will meet what UM calls the Player Panel, where recruits and their families will have a chance to ask certain members of the current team questions. Those questions can range from student life to traveling to playing time. It gives the players and their families a chance to interact with players when coaches are not present.

The recruits are then given a tour of the Strength and Conditioning areas. They meet with the UM strength staff and are given a presentation to learn all about it. If the Hurricanes are practicing, like they will be tomorrow, the recruits will have a chance to watch some of the practice.

Following practice, recruits will be given an academic presentation to learn all about specific majors and the overall academic life at the school.

Lunch is then served before recruits are given a chance to rest up at the hotel. Dinner is Saturday night, again at a top notch restaurant, before the recruits and their player hosts enjoy the night life again.

Following breakfast on Sunday morning, recruits and their families will meet with the head coach before departing. This is often when commitments take place and this is also where the head coach has a chance to answer any remaining questions the recruits and their families have about anything they learned over the weekend.

Some recruits will drive home while those coming from further distances -- especially out of state recruits -- will head to the airport to fly out.



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