Wednesday Q&A with Al Golden

Read on to see what head coach Al Golden is saying about practice, the status of Clive Walford, the development of Stan Dobard, mid-year recruits, and more.

On practice this week:
We’ve had two good days. We were in uppers today and worked on third down and redzone. We’re trying to get back into game shape. We’ll push the next two days and then get three days off before we get into game week.

On the seniors returning from exams:
Olsen had a great practice yesterday. Shane was really good. Thurston, Phillip, all those guys. They come to work and have a great attitude. They have to keep working to get better and realize who they’re playing.

On mid-year recruits:
I don’t know. A lot of it is unclear right now. Maybe six to eight, in that range. We’ll see how that goes.

On Nick Linder being ready yet:
No. He’s in a situation where it’ll be a game week decision. We’re trying to get his conditioning to where it needs to be. It’ll be Tuesday but otherwise it won’t happen.

On Standish Dobard’s development:
He’s become a complete player. He was just a banger at first. He’s a lean guy, changed his body. He’s become more fluid in his pass game. Clive, his body of work over four years speaks for itself. He’ll be missed but Stan will be ready for the opportunity. When he did play, he did a great job. Jake and Herndon have to step up as well.

On Clive Walford’s status:
He’s really just rehabbing. He started his rehab and then got sick last week. He got really dehydrated. He’s trying to get back going physically. He’s doing good. His mind is on getting healthy now. He’s done so much for us, had a great year.



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