Coach Coley talks recruiting

Read on to see what offensive coordinator James Coley is saying about recruiting and more.

On Ryan Williams playing in the bowl game:
I can. I can see him getting playing time but I can also see it going the other way. My heart goes out to him. He worked really hard to get back. He’s a great kid. You love him and everything he stands for.

On the leadership they provided to Brad Kaaya:
Him and Jake, both being veteran guys, have helped.

On finding Juco TE Jerome Washington:
It was a weird deal. We got his highlight tapes. One of our recruiting assistants did a great job watching it and passing it along. It’s all about being first and identifying guys.

On Clive Walford’s season:
He stepped it up. We always talk about changing the game. When it’s your time to go, change the game. That’s a challenge for the next guy to come in. Do your part to change the game. He’s worked really hard. We will miss him and now there will be chances for other guys to change the game.

On Walford being so reliable:
Young quarterbacks find blankets. Clive was that guy for Brad. I think Stan is becoming that guy as well. Clive played a big role in the development of Stan.

On Stacy Coley:
He’s back at full speed. He’s looking really good. He just has to play his game. He’s always been a part of our offense. It’s good to see him catching the ball and breaking away from guys.

On Coley’s struggles:
It’s part of that sophomore year sometimes. You get banged up and it doesn’t go the way you want it to. It plays a factor in your confidence.

On recruiting being 6-6:
Being a part of recruiting, period, there have been a lot of 6-6 teams that have great classes because kids see the insight. They see they have a great quarterback or they see the running backs coming in. They see themselves as being that go to guy if I go there. One play can change your season. I’ve been a part of the rebuilding before. It didn’t impact recruiting. You need pieces. Players read what’s written. Back in the day you wanted to go to a winner. Now they want to be able to go in and make a difference.

On The U part 2:
You are excited. I love watching those teams play. Their confidence. I love hearing Ed Reed talk. I love watching Andre Johnson scoring touchdowns. I love watching the swagger of the past. It’s part of our tradition. When Chad Thomas comes after practice to Brad Kaaya and says how was your side. I walk away feeling good right there.



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