Golden on depth chart changes & more

Read on to see why Tracy Howard was the first name out of Al Golden's mouth today when asked about potential depth chart changes and much more.

On how much probation impacted the team this season:
We’re just trying to move forward. I just came off the field and we practiced really well. It’s hard to transition back into that. We asked a lot of them and they were ready to go. It is what it is. We’re still in probation and will be for another year. We chose to accept those things and move on. We have a great opportunity against South Carolina.

On the progress they’ve made through that:
We’re making lots of progress. I’m excited about what I’ve seen the last couple weeks and the direction we’re going. Everything that happens in this building is my responsibility. We’re working our tails off.

On recent practices:
These were combo practices. Today was third down and redzone stuff. We cleaned up some stuff like final plays. We’re in good shape in terms of having the game plan in. When we go on the field we have to be sharp and execute. That’s our first challenge in this game.

On the travel schedule:
We will travel and practice on Monday. They’ll be off Saturday and Sunday and then we’ll report back Monday. Then we’ll go through a normal game week from there.

On any potential depth chart changes next week:
There has been really good competition. Tracy Howard is having a really good week. He’s taking advantage of this time. He’s getting better. Gus and Joe have taken more reps and they’re competing. Tyre Brady, Moten, Dallas is playing his best football. A lot of guys are trying to get better. There could be (depth chart changes) but we won’t decide that until Wednesday or Thursday morning.

On players saying they had too much fun last bowl week:
I think that’s fair. Something was taken away from them and we had a chance so we probably overcompensated. We played a really good team with a great quarterback. They were coming off successful years of being in that situation. We didn’t play like we needed to play. Hopefully the guys will learn from it. We have to do a better job as an organization with the whole thing.



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