Recruiting Q&A with Brennan Carroll

Read on to see everything University of Miami recruiting coordinator Brennan Carroll is saying about recruiting six weeks before National Signing Day.

On Brad Kaaya’s impact in recruiting:
Everyone we talk to is very excited about Brad and what he brings to the table for the future. They like how we play the best players. We’re going all over looking for players and we’ll continue to do that.

On recruiting being 6-6:
I think they still see what Miami’s all about, all the great things about it and where the program is going. They’re excited about that and see an opportunity.

On the hectic schedule lately:
We’re pretty used to having recruits in, hitting the road. It’s a hectic time. It’s a dead period so we’re excited to be back coaching football.

On what they need most:
We need to build depth and need some playmakers to come in and play and make a difference right away. We need players everywhere. We did a good job bringing in guys who could compete and push for playing time early and we need to keep doing that.

On how many players they expect to sign:
I don’t have an exact number but we’ll take a full class.

On recruiting while the NCAA cloud was hanging:
It was the uncertainty of the whole thing and not knowing what was ahead. How it impacted the classes, there were kids who told me flat out they cant come until they find out. Now we know whats going on, it’s gotten better but the unknown was the hard part.

On Kaaya recruiting kids:
He’s kind of selling himself. He’s had a great season. It’s pretty evident. When the kids come on the visit, he’s already hosted some, he does a great job.

On the WR group:
I would love for guys to stand out. A lot of different guys can play. We need a guy to come in and take over like Phil did. He was a full-time player and made a difference.

On Stacy Coley’s progress:
I’m encouraged is he’s taken responsibility. He’s going to make a big impact in the bowl game and he’s healthy and ready to go now.



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