Owens talks FR year, USC, & more

Read on to see everything freshman linebacker Darrion Owens is saying a few days before the team takes on South Carolina.

On South Carolina’s running backs:
All of them look talented. We have a good gameplan for them. Mike Davis is a good back. He has a good balance. We can’t wait to play him.

On Brad Kaaya:
When I committed I didn’t hear about him. I heard about him right before I came out. I started watching highlights and got excited about him.

On why he picked Miami:
I liked the coaching staff, got along with a lot of recruits, and it was close to home for my family to watch me play. I felt like it was the best place for me.

On the defensive breakdowns late in the season:
We just have to trust the plan and trust the coaches. We just have to be in the right position at the right time and trust the plan. People mess up sometimes and then people jump on each other.

On his freshman season:
I learned a lot. I feel pretty good. I played a lot in games. I learned a lot and got a lot of good playing time.

On learning the defense:
At first it was kind of tough but then it was easier once I was able to study it. I think anyone can pick it up.

On Denzel Perryman’s leadership:
He taught me a lot about my study habits like watching film wise. In high school you watch it but now you really have to study it. He is someone I like to look up to. He wants to leave with a bang.

On not having DP next season:
It will be weird. I’m used to always seeing him calling out plays and being there. Without him there, other guys will have to step up and take over that role. I’m usually not a vocal guy but I’ll do whatever it takes to make the team better.

On going to Shreveport:
I’ve never been to Louisiana. All I know is that it’s colder than Miami. That’s about it.



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