Golden on Flowers, new Juco OL, & more

Read on to see what Al Golden is saying about Miami's new Junior College offensive line signee, the status of Ereck Flowers returning next season, what some of the seniors have truly meant to the team, and much more as the team continues preparing for its game against South Carolina Saturday.

On the weather for Saturday:
We don’t know exactly what the forecast is yet. We’ve gotten a lot done. It’s not been perfect. We’ll watch the tape and go from there.

On Nick Linder’s status:
Nick’s been a little better. It’s going to be down the wire. We’ll see if he can make more progress.

On signing Juco OL Jahair Jones:
We needed to get at least one offensive lineman at mid year. We were hoping for two. He’ll bring us maturity, size, and he’s ready made. He’s 330, 340 pounds. We’re excited about him. I’m excited for him. He’ll be starting around the 12th or 13th and will be ready for the spring. He can play both but we’ll start him at tackle.

On Stan Dobard having evacuated from the area during Katrina:
I didn’t know the whole story. Stan has been through some adversity. He’s a great kid. If you ask anyone, they’ll tell you he’s a hard worker and a great teammate. I know he’s excited to be back home.

On whether Ereck Flowers has talked about returning:
No. All those questions will be addressed after the game.

On Duke Johnson easing up in the bowl game:
No matter what the opponent, Duke will be a competitor and play at a high level. I can’t see him holding back. He’s as good a story as there is in college football. None us understood the severity of the injury that night. He wasn’t able to run full speed until late June, early July. He gained a lot of size and strength, fought through adversity, and he was determined to have a great year. He’s done that for us.

On Denzel Perryman:
He’s a great kid. He comes from an excellent family. He’s such a pleasant kid. I don’t know if people who watch him understand what type of person he is off the field. He means a lot to our locker room. We will really miss him.

On Ladarius Gunter:
Ladarius has had a really good year. I saw him the last few days working on little things trying to improve his game. He’s locked in and we will miss him as well.

On South Carolina’s downfield passing game:
They do a great job down the field. They will take their shots. Their receivers do a great job of going up and getting it. A lot of that comes off the play action game. We have to be ready for it.



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