Coley on Kaaya's maturation process

What's James Coley saying about how he'll determine which players will play on Saturday? When did Brad Kaaya act like a freshman this season? When did Kaaya really develop into a leader? Read on for all that and more.

On determining who plays on Saturday:
There will be a lot of work along this road. You can’t say I’ll just get by. Talent wins games. If you’re good coaches, you have good players. If you go out there and the best player’s on the bench, I tell them I don’t want you standing next to me. I want you on the field. You have to see them in game situations. They’re not freshmen anymore. That’s how you have to coach. I’m all for playing the best player.

On what Ryan Williams has meant this season:
I cant say Ryan without saying Jake because he came here and it didn’t turn out how he wanted it to turn out. Both those guys have been great. Brad acts like he’s the oldest sometimes because he’s mature but those guys have been great and very unselfish. Ryan has done his part with being patient. He’s never not paid attention because he’s not playing. He’s never been that way.

On moments Brad Kaaya acted like a freshman:
Not much. I can think of a few in my mind. When you’re running a two minute drill and supposed to be going faster. That was my goal as a coach to get to that point where he’s not playing like a freshman. He catches things that come naturally to a player.

On when Kaaya really grew into a leadership role:
Virginia Tech and right after that game. I thought that was a big game even though he didn’t throw a lot. When he did there were some key passes. There was a two minute drill. Right before the half I probably should have taken a timeout there but he said you’re good because if it’s not open I was going to throw it away. If t’s not there, throw it away and go to the next play.

On returning to Louisiana, where he once coached at LSU:
It’s been great. We went out as a family and ate some good food. This is a special place.



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