Golden talks about several players

Read on to see everything Al Golden was saying following Tuesday's practice.

On Trent Harris:
We expect his role to be bigger. Trent is tough to out-work and out-prepare. Coaches love that. We love guys who are accountable. We have to keep working and hopefully we’ll get Patchan out here too.

On Chris Herndon:
He’s probably 255, 258 but runs like a wide receiver. We’re fortunate to have him. He’ll stick his face in there. He can line up at wide receiver or we can be in-line at tight end. He’s doing a good job.

On how much of the offense is in now compared to early spring last year:
Probably a little less but that’s because we moved everything up. We’ll end up being where we want to be by spring break. We got a bunch in today. We’ll finish install these next two days. We’re deeper this spring than we were a year ago because we didn’t lose that many.

On Mike Wyche being slimmer:
Is he slimmer? It’s all relative. Mike has to keep embracing work. If he can do that, he can accomplish anything he wants. We have to keep pushing him out of his comfort zone.

On Antonio Crawford not at practice:
It’s just an internal matter right now. Whenever this stuff happens, we don’t comment. A lot of kids have different things going on. When we get resolution, we’ll let you guys know.

On who the slot corner is now:
Elder and Howard for sure. Deon has done it. Those would be the three.

On Rashawn Scott:
He’s in the best condition of his life. He’s coming back to the ball really well. He’s acting like older guys should act. He’s stopping in after lunch. He wants to watch what we’re watching. He has to keep doing that.

On Jermaine Grace not being at practice:
We need maturity from him. He wasn’t taking care of his stuff academically. Maturity is a big part of it. It was my decision. Grace, McCray. There were three guys I held out because they weren’t taking care of business off the field.

On Mike Badgley:
Badgley has a strong leg. We just have to keep working on his rhythm and his execution. He has that self-assurance that you need as a kicker. He’s confident.

On former players hanging around lately:
It means a lot. Those guys are very supportive. Lamar, Van Dyke, Sean Spence. When Jonathan Vilma and Sean Spence are talking to our players, that’s good. So many of the former guys have been around. It’s unique. The guys see the standard.



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