Q&A with James Coley

Read on to see what offensive coordinator James Coley is saying a week into the start of spring practice. He talks about several players here.

On Jerome Washington:
He’s a big body guy, very twitchy, strong. He’s raw right now but he has the ability to do it. Him, Njoku, Chris, and Stan are showing up. Those guys are so athletic.

On David Njoku:
He’s stronger. When he came to school here, he lost some weight but then gained some during the season. He’s even bigger now. Now is when you can see how big they can get.

On Braxton Berrios looking better:
He does. We wanted him to slim up. He came in last year, for what he does, he was probably too heavy. He’s worked on his body.

On which players have been most impressive:
Njoku, Chris (Herndon), Rashawn Scott, Gus Edwards, Sunny Odogwu, and Malik Rosier has really impressed us.

On the best left tackle:
I don’t know. That’s a tough question. I gotta see Kc work there because he has not yet. You have to see these guys at left tackle. I’m intrigued by Travor there. Sunny plays well on the right side and he probably looks more natural there than anyone. We’re always talking about that.

On Jahair Jones:
Jahair from what we’ve thrown at him, has done a great job. He’s getting a lot. We have more in now than we did two weeks into training camp last year. He’s not as developed yet but as far as athletic ability and strength, he has what it takes. I see him as a tackle but you never know what can happen on the offensive line.

On Rashawn Scott:
He’s just grinding. He’s working hard. He’s a gym rat. He’s in the office all the time. And then he’s working his tail off out here. We’re very, very happy with him.



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