Jackson excited about new role

Demetrius Jackson redshirted last season and says he learned a lot from it. Read on to see what he's saying after a couple weeks of spring practice.

On redshirting last season:
I wanted to come in and play right away but I had to sit down and learn. I benefitted a lot from it.

On how he benefitted last season:
I learned more football because I’d only played one year. I gained weight and strength. I was able to sit back and learn. When I came here I was about 215. Now I’m about 247. Swasey’s been on us about it.

On bench press reps of 185 pounds:
I could do about 11 or 12. Now I can do 19.

On what his role is right now:
I play end in goal line, regular I play rush.

On how he’s added weight:
I feel way better about that. I have the weight to push it. I’m way more confident about it now.

On the leaders from last season:
Ereck Flowers would always tell me to keep going, even when I was down. OP helped me. He always taught me to keep working.

On Chad Thomas:
He been working, been grinding. He’s a step quicker than he was last year. I played with him in high school but he’s way quicker and stronger than he was last year.

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