Kamalu talks about the new defense

Ufomba Kamalu is expected to play a major role on Miami's defense this season. He has seen changes in the defense, too. Read on to see what he's saying after a couple weeks of spring practice.

On Chad Thomas:
The biggest thing is his leadership. He’s a spoken leader. He has power and a speed rush.

On how Thomas has improved:
He’s gotten bigger and quicker, too. He’s really coming along.

On how he wants to improve personally:
Pass rush is number one and just being more consistent with my overall game.

On which O-Lineman has impressed him most:
Sunny has. He’s really come a long way. He’s worked real hard.

On the goals for the spring:
It’s the same thing. We’re trying to get better. We had to tweak some things but we’re getting better.

On any changes on defense:
It’s more of a pressing defense. We’re getting off more. Whenever we’re in a 3 or a 5, we just get off and don’t have to worry about gap control. I like that a lot more. You have less responsibility and can just go.

On how much of the defense is in:
We’re still installing but we’re about to be in the middle of the spring so we’re working on some of the smaller details now.

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