Coley on bouncing back from 2014

Stacy Coley is hoping to bounce back from a rough 2014 season. He caught a pair of touchdowns in last night's scrimmage so he's off to a good start. Read on to see everything he's saying about that and more.

On bouncing back from a poor season:
Ever since we played the game in Louisiana, I told myself it wont happen again. As soon as we got back, I got back at it.

On what he’s been doing:
I’m working hard every week. Every Saturday my high school coach comes down here and works with me.

On why the struggles:
There were other things but it was all on me. I blame it all on me and why I wasn’t successful.

On last night’s scrimmage:
I thought I had a good scrimmage. The offense and defense both did. Whenever the ball was thrown to me, I made a play.

On scoring twice:
I scored on a corner route. I attacked the corner, got leverage, and made a play on it. The other one was a cover two, another corner route.

On the young QBs:
I thought they did good. Vinny Testaverde and Malik Rosier both did good. Brad’s teaching them a lot.

On Kevin Beard:
It’s just elevating our game. He’s teaching us the leverage game. Once you get leverage, it’s our game now. We try getting into our mind that if they can’t jam us, it’s over.

On Beard’s teaching:
We knew Coach KB had a great personality since he came in. We knew that and once he became our coach he kept that personality going.

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