Golden recaps first spring scrimmage

The Hurricanes held their first spring scrimmage last night. Read on to see everything Al Golden is saying about it.

On the standout performers in the scrimmage:
We’ll go back and look at it. I saw a lot of good things. I want to go back and grade them first and go from there.

On the interceptions:
Dallas and Grace had one. Both were in the red zone to save points so that was good.

On how he feels about big plays in scrimmages:
Those things happen. The offense has to respond. Whatever the situation is. We have to get rid of the operational penalties and we have to protect the ball. Putting the ball on the ground with the tailback, we can’t do that. Who’s playing with poise? Who’s playing cleanly? Who’s communicating? Who doesn’t get rattled? Those are things we’re looking for.

On the pass rush:
I think there are a lot of plays where they’d argue that there was a sack. We will learn a lot here. Everyone took around 35-45 reps with ones and twos. It was about a half a game. It was clean. We’re healthy. Now they’ll get a break to handle their business.

On what the staff will do during the break:
We’ll work a lot of things, more long term. Where are we going in May, June, July, and August? If we visit some places, where will we visit? Obviously recruiting doesn’t stop. There’s a lot of things we need to get done.

On Quan Muhammad:
The biggest growth with him is he’s studying the game. He’s not making mental errors, not just relying on his talent. He has more weapons now. He has a great motor. He’s 260 now. He’s doing all the right things and we just have to keep pushing him.

On Brad Kaaya leading more:
He’s doing it. It was a tough situation for him a year ago. He didn’t come in January. We asked him to lead. We had to push him into that before he was ready. Now he’s comfortable with it. He’s doing a good job with it.

On if Gus Edwards has been the team’s top RB:
I know you guys want to live in that world but we’re so far away from being there. He’s doing things well. He’s protecting it. He’s seeing it really well. Joe brings another dimension.

On the kicking game:
Badgley hit one from 57. It was a rocket. He’s stronger than he was. We did a couple extra points but he banged one from 57 or 58. I told him before the game that the ball’s coming off his leg better than it had been.

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