Q&A with Vincent Testaverde

Vincent Testaverde's father is one of the most successful quarterbacks to ever play here at Miami. Now he's getting his shot. Read on to learn about his journey here, how spring ball has been going, his relationship with Brad Kaaya, and much more.

On coming to Miami:
The opportunity came up in the last few months. Out of high school this was not an option for me. It was Texas Tech, Florida, and a few small schools. I chose Texas Tech and got to experience that but realized that wasn’t for me. I wanted to come here and the experience has been good so far.

On whether he considered UM out of high school:
No. It wasn’t an option for me. I could have gone here but I wasn’t really looking here because other schools had interest in me as a preferred walkon.

On growing up a Miami fan:
I’m not really in particular a big sports fan but I don’t have particular teams. He’d get invited to some games and we’d come root for them. But I didn’t really have a team in particular.

On his father’s accomplishments here:
He never really talked about it. When I was growing up, his career was ending and he wanted what was best for me. He supported all my decisions.

On his history of playing football:
I started playing football my junior year in high school. He never pressured me into playing. I always liked basketball. One day I tried out for football and I really liked it. Since then he helped me get here.

On what made him start playing:
It was spontaneous. One day I felt like trying something new. He didn’t pressure me into anything. One day I decided. I went out, liked it, and I’ve been playing ever since.

On being a backup:
That’s always tough. I’ve been learning a lot. The coaches have been light on me with mistakes. It’s only been a few weeks. I’ve been learning behind Brad. The coaches and other quarterbacks have helped me a lot.

On Brad Kaaya:
Brad and I are the same age. I see myself taking this next year as a learning experience and letting him do his thing. Of course I want to play but it’s not my decision. I (can play this year). I did not lose a year.

On his experience so far:
Everything is nice. Florida weather, you can’t beat it. I love the campus life. So far it’s been great and I hope it’s going to be a great experience.

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