Larry Scott breaks down the Tight Ends

Read on to see everything coach Larry Scott is saying about his group of tight ends.

On Jerome Washington:
His ceiling is through the roof. You see a big man walking through the door. He’s 260+. Then you see him making movements that most big men have a hard time doing. He does it naturally. He’s still a freshman. He has a lot to learn. He’s played a lot of wide receiver. It’s a whole new world for him but naturally what he brings to the game is hard to find.

On David Njoku:
He looks the part. David came in. He had the toughness of a linebacker but he did some things after he caught the ball that makes you look at him as a receiver. He’s a 6-4 kid who’s a 7-foot high jumper. You bring him in and tailor him. You let their natural talents to take over. He’s another guy we’re super excited about.

On whether he likes the depth even after Walford left:
Absolutely. That’s how you want it. That’s why you put in the hours you do. It’s all about developing. Hopefully that’s just a pipeline you want to keep going at this position.

On Chris Herndon:
He’s so smooth in everything he does. There is no wasted movements. He was 240 when he first got here and now he’s 255 and hasn’t lost a step. He’s a natural hip sinker, a natural knee bender. He was a good basketball player. He won a state championship in high school. They’re good football players and good people coming through the doors.

On Stan Dobard:
Stan is rugged tough. He’s mentally tough, physically tough. He’s competitive. You see his juices get going and you see his toughness. He’s a worker. He’s maturing. His leadership abilities are coming through. He’s the leader of that group and guys understand that. He’s just a really tough guy.

On what he wants to see from Dobard:
Be who he is. Be comfortable with his body. It’s our job to put guys in position to be success. He has to trust the process. He has to master what we give him. His natural talents will come through.

On Dobard as a blocker:
That’s where a lot of his strengths are. He’s good in the running game. We’re always teaching technique. He’ll get bigger and stronger as he goes. That’s what he brings to the table, those are his strengths.

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