Paul Williams breaks down the D-Backs

Read on to see everything Paul Williams is saying about his group of defensive backs a couple weeks into spring football.

On the play at cornerback:
It’s not where you want it right now but it’s spring ball and we’ll be fine.

On what the rotation is at CB:
That all depends. You’ve gotta have three. Last year we were fortunate. You normally don’t have five guys you can use there.

On Deon Bush playing both:
He’s athletic. He took a lot of reps at corner the other day. He can do it, athletically.

On Jamal Carter:
When you’re playing safety, it’s like playing quarterback. You’re running the show. You have to know the defense like the coaches because we’re not out there. They have to understand it all. Early on he was inconsistent but he’s been better this spring. I’m happy.

On Ryan Mays:
He’ll compete. He’s a nice sized kid with some physical abilities and he can run. He’s out here getting better every day. Now we need to get him better.

On Antonio Crawford leaving:
Antonio is a great kid. We love him. All those kids can play (the slot corner spot). Antonio mastered that job. Corn and Tracy are both taking reps and will need to be ready.

On Jaquan Johnson:
It’s early but he’s a good player. We expect a lot out of him. He’s learning. He walked in the doors in January and we threw the package at him and it wasn’t easy. He comes to work every day. He acts like he’s been here for awhile. He’s mature.

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