Q&A with Alex Gall

Read on to see what offensive lineman Alex Gall is saying with five spring practices left on the schedule.

On getting K.C. McDermott back:
It’s definitely good having numbers. It’s hot, we have new guys learning things. It’s good to have someone out here who knows what he’s doing.

On which guard spot he's playing:
I do a little bit at right. Mainly Danny is at right and I’m at left and I do some at center too.

On the competition along the OL:
It’s tough. Everyone is competing. When you have a down day, someone might have a good day. Everyone is looking for a spot. It’s tough.

On young OL coming up:
We have a lot of guys coming in who haven’t played. Guys are learning to play next to each other. We’re learning the calls and doing really well.

On Jahair Jones:
He’s a young guy, just learning. It’s a tough system to learn and we’re just trying to bring him along.

On the new calls:
We’re adding a lot of new calls. It’s hard for us to teach when we’re learning it ourselves.

On the added plays this spring:
We’ve added so many. I can’t even count. It’s been a ton, even just this spring. We’re trying to work better with the tight ends and running backs so everything comes together.

On what's changes:
We changed up our pace, try to get to the ball quicker.

On defensive standouts:
Quan coming back, seeing him, he’s a totally new person. I don’t go against him a bunch but watching him he’s unreal. Courtel and Chad are coming up. Jelani and Earl have stepped up a lot from last year.

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