Update on McCord & more

Read on to see what Al Golden is saying about a defensive standout lately, the latest update on Tyriq McCord's injury, the overall state of the team heading into Saturday's scrimmage, and more.

On Quam Muhammad:
He’s really studying the game and not making the same mental errors. He is playing fast, has a quiet mind, and is making plays. He’s playing faster because of it, and playing with a lot of energy.

On Demetrius Jackson:
He just has to keep coming. Quan hasn’t made many mental errors. He has to challenge the others off the field, in terms of learning the defense. I like Demetrius, and he’ll be fine. He just has to keep going to get in that two deep. He’s about 247, doing good. He’s going to be one heck of a player. We just have to keep pushing him.

On using Dallas Crawford at cornerback:
No. Deon is the guy we can invest there. Dallas is really settling in at safety so we’ll keep him there. Deon can do it and is mature enough.

On the overall spirit of the team:
We have a long way to go but they responded. You can’t hide all the energy and intensity. We’ve had it. To get this thing to be where we want it, we have to be consistent. We just haven’t had that and we’re getting there and hopefully it’ll carry into the scrimmage.

On Tyriq McCord’s injury update:
He’s moving around more. Maybe he’ll be able to be cleared by Monday. He’s doing better. He had fluid in the knee. Our guys did a great job working it out of there, icing it down.

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