Q&A with Malik Rosier

Read on to see what redshirt freshman quarterback Malik Rosier was saying following Saturday's scrimmage.

On missing baseball:
When Coach Coley called me and said Brad was out and they needed me to run the offense. Vinny just transferred from Texas Tech and is still trying to learn it.

On today’s play calls:
Some of the plays were normal, our base plays. There weren’t any plays just designed for me.

On doing football over baseball this week:
I’m missing baseball but I’m keeping up with the guys. It’s been a blessing in disguise catching up with the receivers.

On which side won the scrimmage:
I thought the offense did. They threw some coverages at us that we hadn’t seen but we did good.

On today’s touchdowns:
Malcolm had one. Joe had one. And I think Braxton scored one.

On his knowledge of the offense:
It’s gotten a lot better. I’m getting a lot more comfortable with the offense. Overall I thought I had a pretty solid performance. I’ll go in and watch film and find ways to get better.

On whether they’ll put in certain plays just for him:
Yes, we talked a little about it. At the same time they’re saying why can’t they run the same offense? They can always throw a new wrinkle in there.

On Berrios getting dinged on a ball he threw:
I kind of feel bad I threw it but he’ll be fine. He said it’s part of football. He was icing it.

On his plans for next week:
I’ll be here. Baseball is away at UNC but I’ll be here.

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