Harris talks about his strong spring

Sophomore Trent Harris is having a strong spring while running with the first unit. Read on to see everything he's saying about it as the team prepares for its annual spring game this weekend.

On running with the ones:
I don’t think of it that way but I’ve been doing good. We have a group of three – me, Quan, and DJ. We push each other every day.

On getting his weight up:
It’s been good. Swasey and his staff have been helping me out with that. I’ve always been fast so they’ve helped me. I’m about 6-2 and 245. I came in at 225 and that’s what I played at during the season.

On the improvements in the last scrimmage:
We improved on some things but we can still improve on a lot of things on and we’re practicing every day. We improved communication on the field and did better getting our hands on the ball.

On the defensive performance in that scrimmage:
I did OK but I can make a bigger impact, make more plays.

On what he’s most proud of:
Probably the work I put in. When I first got here, I’d wake up early and study before meetings. That’s helped. I also improved my muscle and being able to set the edge.

On the adjustment from high school:
It’s not all about athletic ability. You have to know the formation, read your keys, and keep calm.

On which game he played the most last season:
I probably played the most in the FAMU game. I had my first tackle for a loss in that game.

On the defense being better in 2015:
Of course I think it’ll be better. We’ve improved on a lot of things and we’re taking the steps to get to the top level.

On starting spring earlier:
It helps us get bigger and stronger and faster throughout the summer so I like it.

On the offensive line:
I don’t pay attention but I know they’ve all been competing and doing things. We have a nice group of guys. They’ve all improved since last year. Trevor Darling, Danny Isidora, Hunter Wells, KC, they’ve all improved. It’s like iron sharpening iron.

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