Coley upset about lack of deep ball

Stacy Coley says he's upset about the lack of deep balls so far this spring. Read on to see what he's saying about that and more.

On the last scrimmage:
Not how I wanted but every ball that was thrown to me was caught. I wasn’t attempted for a deep ball.

On the receiver group:
Everyone is getting better, putting in extra work. From there, we’ll see how it goes Saturday and then into the season.

On running with the ones:
I was with the ones and twos. When Braxton went down, I had to move around. He’s going through rehab, and he’ll be back soon.

On Deon Bush playing cornerback:
Deon do a good job. He has Tracy and them to work with him but he does a nice job with covering tight ends and stuff.

On how he has improved:
Just staying focused. I’m reading coverages. I’ll see what our DBs are doing, and I’ll understand how to read what they’re doing. I’m going to keep making progress.

On the deep ball in this offense:
They haven’t really attempted it much this spring. Kaaya was getting sacked so he didn’t get much chance. Whatever Coach Coley calls up we gotta execute it basically.

On the difference between the QBs:
I feel like they’re no different in any ways. They both get the ball there and as receivers that’s all we care about. All the quarterbacks are like that.

On the development of the backup QBs:
They’re in good hands learning from Brad. They’re watching film together and stuff.

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