Edwards: We are a RB-by-committee

Read on to see what running back Gus Edwards is saying a couple days before the team's spring game.

On the spring game:
Last year was definitely work for me. I remember us running the ball the whole time and getting a bunch of carries in the spring game.

On running it less this year:
I think Coach Coley still wants to run the ball but maybe since we’re still trying to get the offense going and get the receivers and everyone communicating we’ll throw it more but I still expect a lot of runs.

On keeping RBs fresh:
Coach does a good job taking care of us. He knows that sometimes we need to rest our bodies so we can stay fresh.

On the running back situation:
I think we’re doing a good job so far. We’ll be a running back by committee and the coaches have been stressing that. We’re all doing a good job replacing Duke.

On each of their roles:
Whatever the coaches want, we’ll do it. We’re all trying to have each other’s back and whatever the plan is we’re all down to follow that plan.

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