Coach D talks about spring game

Read on to see what defensive coordinator Mark D'Onofrio is saying following the team's spring game.

On the defensive performance:
I thought they played physical. We took the ball away some. We had a good amount of three and outs. They finished spring strong. Sometimes the spring game can be anti climactic. They came out and wanted to be physical and execute their defense.

On who stood out most:
I always try going back and look at the tape. The immediate stuff is you see guys rallying around the ball. I’ll watch the rest on tape. Spring is about the individual. We rotated a lot of guys. We can evaluate guys against the same people. I’ll have to judge that and see how it went.

On the amount of players who played:
Every single guy on the roster played. Scholarship, walkon, we got a chance to get everyone in. That was a reward for everyone. Put in the work in the spring and you’ll get rewarded.

On Jermaine Grace:
He’s been a gamer. We saw him last year. He made a lot of plays for us. He finished in the top five for us in playing time down the stretch and he wasn’t even a starter. These next four months we have to get him bigger.

On Charles Perry:
It’s been tough for him. It’s hard for a mid year guy. We moved spring ball up. He didn’t have much time so it was mostly catch up for him. This will be a time where he can step back and process it. Instead of having a few weeks to prepare for spring, he’ll have a few months to prepare for training camp. He will grow a lot and he has good mentors at his position.

On Jamal Carter:
Jamal had a good spring. He’s gotten comfortable with the scheme. He’s playing fast. I saw him around the ball but I have to grade him on the other plays but he had an excellent spring.

On how Carter has improved:
Just his overall game. He’s fast, and physical, and has all the skill set. The number one thing back there is they have to be able to get us in the right calls. He and Dallas did a great job this spring with that.

On the lack of depth at CB:
Tracy not going made us a little thinner. He’ll be back and we signed three guys coming in so it’ll get better. Plus, Rayshawn (Jenkins) isn’t back yet so we’ll get a lot of help over the next couple months.

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