Kaaya talks INTs, new plays, & more

Read on to see what Brad Kaaya is saying following the team's spring game.

On the offensive performance:
The first half the defense was blowing us out. I then told our guys we really need to step it up and we were able to wake up.

On getting to go through spring:
For me it’s huge. I had to start a season in September last year. Now I was able to learn the offense from January through March so that will really help.

On the second half of the spring game:
We came out slow as an offense. I said to everyone we need to get it going, just one play at a time. Everyone calmed down at halftime and we came out and played well.

On throwing a few interceptions:
It happens in football. You just have to keep playing. There are always ups and downs. There are mountains and valleys in every game.

On new plays being installed:
We worked on some new formations and plays so it’ll give me a chance to continue learning them. The season pretty much starts today so it’s time to go to work and learn as much as I can.

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