Guillon Talks About Commitment

I spoke to UM's newest commitment earlier tonight. Marc Guillon talked all about his decision, the UM coaches and its players, plus the direction of the program in this indepth interview. "There's no question in my mind that Miami will win the national championship this season," Guillon said.

Why did you pick Miami: I made the decision after the game on Saturday. I've been leaning to Miami for awhile now, and the only thing that was missing for me was I wasn't sure about the new coaches. But the way Coach Coker and the team played against Penn State, that put me over the top.

Which programs did you choose Miami over: I picked Miami over Southern Cal and Tennessee.

Have you spoken to the Miami coaches: Yes, I spoke to Coach Werner and Coach Coker earlier tonight.

Talk about the direction of the program: I see it heading to the top. They've made a great comeback since they got in trouble several years ago. With the coaches and talent they have, plus Kenny at quarterback, there's no question in my mind that Miami will win the national championship this season.

Talk about the players you'll be playing with: Well, I just found out they have some really good wide receivers committed. And they (Miami coaches) said their freshmen receivers are amazing. My receivers now aren't that great, so I'm really looking forward to playing with these guys.

Have you scheduled your official visit: Yes, I actually did that tonight. I'm going to visit for the weekend of the Washington game.

Congratulations, and thanks for your time, and I'll check back with you after your visit: I appreciate it, no problem.

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