Mike's Take: New WR commit

The Hurricanes landed a commitment from a 6-foot-3 wide receiver last night. Read on for a full analysis of this commitment from CanesTime's Mike Bakas.

Michael Irvin Jr committed to Miami yesterday.

What to Like: Look at his name! Although I'm never a huge fan of legacy recruits and believe they're often overrated and given scholarships simply because of who their fathers are, Irvin is the son of one of the best to ever play here. And unlike a player like Ray Lewis, Irvin Jr plays the same position that his father once dominated here and at the NFL level for many years. That's encouraging to know. Jr has been incredibly productive over the last two years. He has nearly 200 receptions for over 2,000 yards and a whole bunch of touchdowns. Some recruits have ideal size or speed or leaping ability or whatever gets college coaches excited but then lack production numbers for whatever reason. That's not the case here. Irvin absolutely dominated the small school competition in Texas the last couple years. It's also encouraging to know that he's now playing in one of the premier prep programs in the entire country at St. Thomas Aquinas. Any concerns over playing at a small school in Texas will go away if he's able to produce at STA this fall, and all indications are that he will. It's very clear that Al Golden and James Coley prefer big, physical receivers and they're getting another one with Irvin. At 6-foot-3 and 215 pounds, he has plenty of size to catch balls over the middle, make tough catches in traffic, create mismatches in the redzone, and things like that. He's a big athlete who has the bloodlines and production numbers to have people around UM very excited.

What may concern you: Jr isn't the fastest kid around, even at his size, but then again neither was his father. Sometimes I think legacy recruits lack the burning desire that made their fathers great. It's hard to tell right now how much Jr wants to be great. If it's anywhere near the level of his father, all will be well at the end of the day. Jr has been very productive and is now playing at an elite program but he's unproven against top level competition. He's shown the ability to dominate at the small school level and now it'll be interesting to see how much it'll carry over this fall. Some people believe Irvin could end up growing into a tight end at the college level. That remains unclear but it makes you wonder if he'll end up being a bit of a tweener between an outside receiver and a tight end.

Bottom Line: Irvin had scholarship offers from schools like Michigan, Georgia, NC State, and South Florida so he was being recruited like a high end three star prospect. It's unclear whether FSU and Florida didn't offer because they felt like it was a waste of their time or if they didn't like his game enough. He's the son of an all-time great here. He has ideal size. He's athletic. His production numbers have been off the charts. All signs point to this being a very good pick up for Miami's 2016 recruiting class. He's now one of five wide receiver commitments in Miami's current class. It's likely they'll continue recruiting others because keeping all five committed for the next several months won't be easy. Irvin, however, is nearly a lock to remain in this class until the end.

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