Tatum Talks about UM

Is the huge lineman from Jupiter still committed to the Hurricanes? Which other schools might be involved? What did he think of the season opener against Penn State? Tatum talks about all this and more in this indepth interview.

At 6-foot-5 and 305, offensive lineman Emmitt Tatum became UM's first commitment of the season when he accepted a verbal offer from the UM coaches following the camp back in late June. This was a week after he finished a dominating performance at Down & Dirty Camp in Lakeland, where Art Kehoe watched him perform.

Tatum says he doesn't know his current GPA, but at last check, it was right around a 2.2. He said he has a 620 SAT score, so he has a ways to go before qualifying academically.

Has Miami called you this month: No, I haven't heard from them yet. I called down there today, but could not get through to the coaches.

Which schools have called this month: Nobody has called yet.

Are you still committed to Miami: If they're still recruiting me, yes, but I haven't heard from them in awhile.

Talk about the Penn State game: They looked good. It reminded me a lot of our offense. They are an offensive machine and the defense looked real tough.

Has a UM coach indicated they'll be coming to one of your games (editor's note: this is a normal routine for someone that UM coaches are recruiting in south Florida): I hope so, but I just don't know yet. They haven't said anything about it yet.

Have you scheduled your visit to Miami: No, but I hope to do that in December. My other visits will be to Rutgers, Iowa State, and maybe one other one.

I'll have a follow up interview with Tatum later in the month to see what UM's status is by then, but right now it doesn't appear they are actively recruiting him. We'll see, stay tuned.

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