Kaaya talks about replacing Dorsett & more

Read on to see everything sophomore quarterback Brad Kaaya was saying following the team's first fall practice on Thursday.

On the first day:
It feels like we have come a long way. Both sides of the ball are improving pretty well. To come out here and be able to play fast the way that we did today, so it’s good. I think we put ourselves in a good position to be a good team.

On how the players felt:
Guys are just going all out. Guys are just waiting to be out there. Of course we have similar workouts but guys are waiting to prove themselves.

On preparing for this:
I’ve been studying everyday this summer, but in the last 48 hours I’ve been going over the plays, going over the play calls, doing checks, putting in any last minute plays.

On his goals for fall camp:
Just don’t hold anything back. Let it all out. It’s time to go.

On Rashawn Scott:
He’s just a really physical receiver, we have him out at z, and he matches up on the field corners. He’s just a bigger receiver than most, he’s still pretty fast, he still has his speed. I don’t think his injuries hampered him too much this summer.

On Herb Waters:
Herb is just fast. He can play in the slot or out wide. He can make a lot of plays.

On losing Phillip Dorsett:
It’s a dynamic group. I still had a lot of yards with these guys too and I’m able to spread the ball around to them pretty good.

On the tight end group:
They’re really working hard right now; we’re all pushing each other. It’s a lot of competition and we’re pushing each other hard. Coach Scott pushes them every practice. He has them doing the right thing in terms of run blocking and pass blocking and receiving the ball.

On Hunter Knighton’s return:
It’s good to see him back at full speed. I’m glad he’s back. He almost lost the dream. You can’t take anything for granted.

On how they can still improve:
Right now, there’s room to improve all over the place. Communication wise, we’ve already gone over a lot. Signals, across the board, if the receivers can recognize the defense I can give them a hot route.

On the offensive line:
The O-Line worked really hard this summer. Today, there are things we can improve on like communication wise. Sunny looks good. Nick’s been making his calls, giving me good snaps. It should be solid.

On the expectations:
I’m all about my team. People have shown me all the publications and news. I want my teammates to have that recognition too. We have three quarterbacks behind me who have worked just as hard as me. I realize there is a lot of pressure but I know it’s more than just me.

On the goals for the season:
Right now we all expect to win the Coastal. That’s what we plan on doing. That’s the plan.

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