Kirby talks about linebackers

Read on to see everything senior linebacker Raphael Kirby was saying following the first day of fall camp on Thursday.

On the defensive goals:
It’s just about coming out and executing everything Coach D wants us to do, being accountable, and making plays.

On Jermaine Grace:
He’s great; another guy that made an impact for us last year… Tyriq McCord, all those guys, Marques Gayot, Juwon Young is emerging. We’ve got a lot of guys that’s playing well for us, it’s all about executing.

On being able to gel as a unit:
We have to make sure that guys are not playing selfishly, that we are playing as a team as one. I feel like when we have a team like that nobody cares who gets the credit, everybody does their job. It’s Just getting better from last year. It wasn’t an issue last year but it’s just getting better.

On holding each other accountable:
We just started this summer doing more things together. The other day we went paintballing, whether it’s going to the beach, going out to eat together. Doing those things together, its just a great look.

On the excitement of fall camp:
Everybody was excited to be back, everybody was excited to be out on the field. I heard a lot of guys couldn’t even sleep last night…. The mindset of the team right now, we just want to come out here and work hard everyday. As a leader, that makes me happy.

On the D-Line:
Those guys know how much I respect them. They’re doing their jobs, staying in their gaps, and when they get their hands on them, they allow us linebackers to make plays. We appreciate them.

On getting Quan Muhammad back:
It’s great. He’s a great athlete, a great talent. He’s ready to go now and so it’s good to have him back.

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